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Sabtu, 14 Mei 2011

Futnah : Media Prima susut 10.91juta

PANAS!! Angkara Fitnah Anwar: Media Prima "Senasib" Dengan Utusan Meloya!!

Keuntungan pracukai suku pertama Media Prima susut

Keuntungan sebelum cukai suku pertama berakhir 31 Mac 2011 Media Prima Bhd susut kepada RM47.56 juta daripada RM58.67 juta yang dicatatkan pada tempoh yang sama 2010.

Bagaimanapun, perolehan meningkat 9.4 peratus kepada RM354.2 juta daripada RM323.67 juta sebelum ini.

Gabungan pemulihan berterusan persekitaran ekonomi dan pengurusan kos yang berkesan menyumbang kepada peningkatan kepada keputusan kumpulan, kata Media Prima dalam satu kenyataan hari ini.

Ia berkata peningkatan pada perolehan didorong oleh hasil pengiklanan yang mencatatkan pertumbuhan 13.5 peratus.

Media Prima 1Q net profit dips 23.7% to RM34.79m

MEDIA PRIMA BHD (MPB) net profit for the first quarter ended March 31, 2011 fell 23.7% to RM34.79 million from RM45.57 million a year earlier, in line with general seasonal advertising trends.

Revenue for the quarter rose to RM354.19 million from RM323.67 million in 2010. Earnings per share was 3.36 sen while net assets per share was RM1.27.

Reviewing its performance, Media Prima said on Thursday, May 12 that the first quarter of the year had always been the lowest in terms of advertising spending as compared to other quarters, when most advertisers start their promotional roll out.

It said revenue for the quarter grew led by advertisement revenue that recorded an increase of 13.5% as advertisement expenditure growth maintained its momentum into 2011.

On its prospects, Media Prima said while it was optimistic about an improved outlook for both consumers and advertisers, it was also cognisant of the challenges ahead.

“For the financial year 2011, the group is committed to maintaining its industry leadership position and its earnings through continued investment in quality and relevant content and branding for its targeted market.

“Concurrently, the group will continue to exercise prudent financial and risk management and is optimising its cost management for better leverage on its operating efficiency,” it said.

Media Prima said it would continue its efforts in realizing the value of its diverse media platforms by embarking on various initiatives involving the assimilation of its new investments in NSTP and Kurnia into the enlarged Media Prima group.

“These efforts include improving the revenue generating capacity and improving operational efficiency to achieve synergy within the group’s stable of media assets.

“As the same time, it will continue to invest, improve and monetise its new media platform as an alternative medium for consumers to access its contents,” it said.

Media Prima said it remained optimistic that it would register improved operational financial performance in 2011.

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